hong kong university of science and technology

Monday, June 01, 2009 | |

DSC_1354-65 pano
It's the university that Joe's been at for the past semester, and it is absolutely stunning. The main downtown districts of Hong Kong sits on the edge of the sea in a half of a bowl formed by the mountains. The mountains themselves are the green ones, the ones you think of when you think of Asian mountains, completely covered in rainforest. The university is a 7 minute bus ride over them, cut into the far slope with buildings all the way down to the sea.

It is by necessity a very vertical campus--all of the buildings are a dozen stories or more. One of the coolest things it that when you get of the bus at the atrium of the university, you're at the top of campus; to go anywhere in the dorms, you walk into the top floor of the buildings and take escalators and elevators down to the ground floor, where you can get on a walkway that takes you across to the top of the next building, stepping your way down the mountain. When you want to leave the dorms, you take the elevators and walkways back up the mountain; it feels like a futuristic sci-fi city with elevators taking you everywhere.

The pitch at the bottom of campus, right on the sea.


There's a fishing pier and a proper beach a few hundred meters behind me as well.