hey young dude, where's the bathroom? dinosaur comics, by my students

Saturday, October 17, 2009 | |

You may be familiar with Dinosaur Comics, a pretty awesome webcomic written by a guy named Ryan North. You know, it's the one with the dinosaurs who talk a lot and the artwork that never changes, only the dialogue. In the fanart section of the site are the hilariously surreal results from a couple of English teachers in Japan and Korea who gave out blank printouts of the templates to their students and had them fill them in as a writing exercise. I did the same thing last month and had way too much fun. Here are a couple:

This was from Leao, one of my 1st graders.
it is fun

And this was from Jake, in 5th grade.
Hey, Young dude where's the bathroom?


smochs said...

Hahahahaha! These are awesome! We did this at my school, too. They were so creative. Most of my students wrote about things blowing up. ~lol~

Alshain said...

Lol, nice! You're a Dinosaur Comics reader, then? Btw, I think we oughta get together again sometime. I'm kinda being a hermit until the physics GRE on Nov 7, but have you heard about the photo exhibit of Bae Bien-U at Deoksugung Palace? Would you want to check it out sometime?

smochs said...

oh crap, i just read this. for sure, let's get together! i'd love to check out the exhibit, it looks amazing. dude! how about sunday the 15th? luck with the GRE test!!!!

smochs said...

oh p.s. yes, i love dinosaur comics, and xkcd (even though the math in that one is beyond me) and most especially nedroid. beartato all the way.