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Sunday, December 13, 2009 | |


I've been here just two weeks short of half a year now, and I've been meaning to post more pics of the neighborhood that I actually live in; for starters, here's the view from my window as of July 25 and December 8.

I'm quite attached to my neighborhood, and my view. My room is quite small, and for a while I was hoping my school would be able to get me a bigger room in the same building. But now, I like looking out over the old, walled-off railway line that cuts through the neighborhood, over to the two gold towers that stand right above Gongdeok Station.

the two towers

When I first saw them in the day, I thought they looked somewhat decadent, standing out with its gold in the middle of the grey of the rest of the area like a blinged-out TJ Eckleburg. But at night, they're lit a bit more subtly and take on a comforting presence above the undulating rooftops below like lighthouses of some unsailed seas. With my desk right in front the window, they're constantly hovering just in the upper ranges of my field of vision, guardians of the skyline perched on top of my computer monitor.

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smochs said...

awesome photos & post~^^ dude, i went for a walk last week and ended up at gongdeok station by those gold towers. they surprised me, wasn't expecting the glitz.

Alshain said...

Haha, yeah, they look so out of place...on the other hand, they reflect this awesome warm light about an hour before sunset onto our building and into our office...I'll come back from a class and walk into the office and the whole room is just blanketed with this yellowy golden goodness coming off its exterior from across the block.

Charpette said...

I hope you don't mind...I stole that first photo and put it on my desktop. I love it!