crouching tiger

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crouching tiger

Daejeon is known for being a science and tech hub; it is home to Daedeok Innopolis, an iconic cluster of science and research institutes. In one 5-minute drive along the river, we passed by the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (Korea's most prestigious tech university), the National Science Museum (where Jisu's mom works), and the Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science (the Korean equivalent of NIST, a research lab that also maintains the national units of reference like the nation's official atomic clock and provides industrial measurement technology and services; Jisu's dad is the director of the Space Optics Research Center there, which is part of the consortium on the Giant Magellan Telescope, which is incredibly cool).

The picture above is actually in the parking lot of the science museum, where Jisu's mom also tends to the stray cats living in the area.

More pics after the break.

A Foucault pendulum in the museum. It's one of those pendulums that you mount on a ceiling and the earth rotates underneath it.

It's also what Eloise Hawking tells the Oceanic 6 she used to locate the island again...or at least, it's the token lab prop in the archetypal Mad Scientist Lab in that scene that's supposed to look all cool, imposing, and vaguely scientific (which it certainly succeeds at).

What did we all think of the Lost season premiere, by the way?

daejeon lights

Pool is known as "pocket ball" over here, as opposed to carom billiards, which actually seems to be more popular.

lucky strike
A bar in the downtown Seo-gu area.

Aaron has the same classic f/1.8 50mm lens that I have but with a D80 body, which makes me slightly jealous as he can use the D80's built-in auto-focus motor with that particular lens, while on my mere D60 I'm limited to manual focus!

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smochs said...

looks like a super fun weekend! that first picture is AWESOME~^^