tree in inlet

Sunday, June 06, 2010 | |

tree in inlet
Billings Park at sunset last week with Allison.


smochs said...

dude, hello! how's it going? haven't been here in a while, i'm sorry. your recent uploads are so beautiful! really really love the trash on the beach shot & the balconies. dude.

rod & i were out for a walk last week and randomly went past your old apartment. we recognized the slim food restaurant. ~lol~ did you ever eat at the duck restaurant near your place? amazingness. i didn't realize how close the han river park was to your apartment. we've started walking there in the mornings.

hope all is well with you!^^

Alshain said...

Sara! Great to hear from you! ^^ Thanks for the compliments!

Aww, you're making me miss my old apt! Good old Slimfood. I never ate at the duck place...didn't even know it was there actually. Oops. >_< It is a nice walk down to the Hangang park, though. :) Sounds like things are going well for you!

How much longer do you guys have? Will you be back over winter?