window and beads

Thursday, July 08, 2010 | |

window and beads
The view from my window on January 4, 2010, in the midst of Seoul's largest snowfall on record in 70 years of keeping them. It was a snow day for us and the kids. The city shut down, completely unable to cope. I watched rear-wheel drive luxury cars sitting helplessly at stoplights, having unwisely stopped for red lights and unable to extricate themselves from the completely unplowed intersections in the middle of downtown. People would have spent the day shoveling, if they owned any shovels. (The sidewalks were covered in that uneven, packed-snow/ice crust for weeks.) It was glorious.

I would trade most things for weather like that today. It was 100 degrees in Boston yesterday, and the air conditioning on our floor in the astronomy department was out. We're doing some contingency planning in case the AC goes out in the basement—that's where the lab is with the vacuum chamber where we're assembling the payload for our sounding rocket with all sorts of sensitive (and very expensive) equipment that won't play too well in any humidity.


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