the maestro, part 2

Monday, May 30, 2011 | |

When Williams came out of the stage door 45 mins after the concert, he was greeted by his adoring fans—and a squad of resellers who were shoving LP covers in his face in an attempt to get them signed.

Anything they got signed would almost certainly end up on eBay, and Williams knew it, for he tried to avoid them. But when he'd cross over to the crowd on the other side, the horde of resellers would run around to the other side, pushing the concertgoers out of the way and yelling, "John! John!"

Apparently, this happened the night before as well; there's been a bit of discussion on the topic over at

He was clearly not having any fun. After only a couple minutes he got into his private car (license plate: BSO 1) and was whisked away.