soju tenting

Saturday, October 24, 2009 | |

Everything you may need to know about soju (Korea's national liquor)--its effects, social function, and chemical makeup--is summarized here, so I won't repeat any of it, except the part about

the curious phenomenon of soju tents, which are quite literally tents along the side of a city street that serve soju with a variety of food.

This was from a Friday night a few weeks ago at the soju tents in Yongsan (better known as the home of the massive Yongsan Electronics Market)...

yongsan soju tents

...with one of my coworkers...


...and his girlfriend.


soju tent ajuma


I should point out, however, that in a bit of a lapse of editorial oversight on my part, none of the pictures in this post actually contain any soju.


joe said...

i was about to ask if the soju was in the spoon haha

smochs said...

there's one bottle! next to the stove burners. though maybe it doesn't have soju in it?