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I end up spending a lot of time at Yongsan, an area about 15 mins east by subway and just north of the Han River. As well as being the location of the Yongsan Electronics Market, which is one of the best places to geek out on gadgets in all of Asia, it's also fairly equidistant between where I live and where my friends at Seoul National University live. The i'Park Mall is attached to the Yongsan subway/train station too, so we end up seeing quite a few movies there and going out to one of the innumerable bars in the area. (The mall is also home to a so-called E-Sports Stadium--where Starcraft matches in Korea's professional gaming league are taped and broadcast.)

Approaching Yongsan Station/i'Park Mall from the Sinyongsan subway station across the street

At the top of the stairs leading up to the mall



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