4th graders debate: zoo is bad (intro)

Thursday, February 25, 2010 | |

On Tuesday, I had my last debate class with my 4th graders. They're a really fun class that works hard, too, so I can cut loose without worrying that they won't get their work done. Since it was the last class of the semester, I let them choose their own topic and debate in an unmoderated format. Then I upped the ante by telling them I would film it, and for inspiration, showed them this clip of the McLaughlin Group, telling them, "Be like them!"

They really got into it, so I ended up throwing together this intro to show them in class today. I had a lot of fun--I borrowed one of my coteacher's D5000 (of which I'm pretty jealous) and played around with the footage. It's my first attempt at video editing since our 11th grade stick puppet retelling of Paradise Lost--the good old days of Avid Free DV...

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Vestedentirely said...

AHHHHHH your class is adorable. that's great Mark

Alshain said...

Maaaattt! How's it going?! Yes, I love my kids! They're awesome.