welcome to my graduation

Friday, February 26, 2010 | |

welcome to my graduation
Today was my last day as a teacher at my school. The kindergartners had a graduation ceremony for their parents and family in an auditorium rented out in a building nearby our school where each one of them had to give a brief speech. Nearly all of them began, "Welcome to my graduation..." and launched into an impeccably rehearsed and confident series of thank yous and favorite memories. They were all certainly better than whatever I said when it was time for each of the teachers to say a few words.

Graduation wasn't a celebration for everyone, though. As my academy stakes its image to its reputation for higher standards (it is one of the few academies that puts prospective students through an admissions test), the pressure on the administration to please the parents of the soundness of their investment in their child's education with us is quite acute. Nevertheless, everything seemed to go well, the parents seemed appropriately pleased and proud, and we were out in time for lunch and to watch Kim Yu-na win ladies figure skating gold, along with the rest of the country.

Tonight is my last night in my apartment; I'll miss it and its view. I'm packing up my desktop computer (and hoping to check it in my luggage when I fly back) so blogging will be light until I'm settled back home. Next Tuesday, I'm going to Japan with Jiksu and will be back in Korea on the 12th. I fly out to Minneapolis on the 15th. See you soon.

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