i'm going to japan, guys!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010 | |

card game
Near Chongqing, China, June, 2009

..on March 2-12. Jiksu and I are taking the ferry from Busan (at the southeastern corner of Korea) to Fukuoaka, with the intention of hitting up Hiroshima and Kyoto on our way to Tokyo. As some of you have some experience in these matters, does anyone have any suggestions? Things to do? Foods to eat? Capsule hotels to stay at? Or, to get into the mood, any books to read, movies to see, bands to hear? I've been playing the pillows and Mono nonstop, watched Departures and Tokyo Sonata (love Kurosawa's compositions, btw), and have been reading some Murakami again. Any recommendations?

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smochs said...

dude, awesome!!!!!!!! i've only been to tokyo once, but the asakusa area was touristy fun, and my korean tutor told me there are a ton of cheap hostels in that area, 25,000 won or less a night depending on how few amenities you'd like.^^

do you like sushi? it's so so so so so so so so good there. my korean classmate from fukuoka said that horse sashimi is supposed to be delicious in the south, & fukuoka is famous for a beef ramen soup - rod had some and said it was really good - i'll ask him for the name. okonomiyaki is super yummy, too.

to get in the mood, my fav foodie movie is tampopo. my fav dj is shinichi osawa, aka mondo grosso.

wh00t! have an awesome time! are you coming back to korea after your trip?

Alshain said...

Awesome! Thanks for all the advice! Mmmm, ramen and sushi, sounds like my kind of traveling diet! Actually, did you just see the big NYTimes article on Tokyo's ramen shops? That definitely, ahem, whetted my appetite.

Loaded up on Tampopo and Mondo Grosso tonight--looking forward to it! I am coming back to Korea after coming back to Korea on the 12th but just for the weekend--I'm flying out on the 15th so I can get back in time to go visit some grad schools. We need to figure out a time to hang out!

smochs said...

holy cow, you're leaving so soon!!! dude, yes, we need to get together - what are you doing next weekend? or the weekend you're back in seoul? wah!!!

did see that ramen article, it made me really hungry. ~lol~ i just went to hatakabunto in hongdae for ramen tonight. (http://www.seouleats.com/2009/07/best-japanese-ramen-in-seoul.html) dude. it was awesome.

Alshain said...

No plans for next weekend, except for packing up and moving out (!) to my relatives in Bundang. Let's definitely get together!