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Chuncheon, near Cheongpyeongsa Temple, December 2009.

Soon after I bought a GPS logger to geotag my photos, I started to visualize my everyday movements the way Google Earth visualizes the data logs--a path of jagged yellow lines superimposed on satellite imagery. Getting off the train from a weekend trip, I'd think, "Man, this trip is gonna be a really long, epic yellow line in Google Earth!"

From the perspective of GPS, we live our lives on our own yellow line, drawing our own vectors across the globe, with fleeting nodes of human contact. There is no path before us, only a yellow line behind us.

My mother and my birthmother walk down a mountain, side by side: Lives lived apart for decades, tangles of yellow line behind them, painting a stretch of double yellow line in the snow.

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smochs said...

beautiful, mark~^^