waiting in rain

Thursday, March 25, 2010 | |

waiting in rain
My friend Joanne valiantly waits for a cab home after one of my last nights in Seoul.

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seohj0902 said...

Long time no see! R U doing well? i'm Hyun-Jin! Can U remember me?? Ha-ha.

I'm curious whether you went home well. :)

I don't fully Englishcomposition. I wish U understand to me. please excuse me if I had errors in my sentence.:) and I'll frequently write on your home page.

Then, take care ! Bye bye :D

Alshain said...

Hyunjin! It's so good to hear from you! ^^ Course I remember you. ^^ I did make it home just fine...but ever since then I've been traveling all over, visiting grad schools...pretty busy. How are you?

seohj0902 said...

How are you doing? Can't you still rest yet? feels busy and tired. :( I hope you can make it!

Mark! I'll go to the Hawaii ! :D
I'm scheduled to depart leave Korea at the end of April. I'm already excited. Haha

take care and hope you always happy!